December 25, 2021

What are the types of SEO ?

What are the different types of SEO & what is TSEO vs ASO vs VSO ?

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Ibrahim Fathi
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To explain what are the different types of SEO, you should know what SEO is all about ? So What is SEO ?

In a very simple sentence,

SEO is : the process of acquiring & gaining organic traffic.

Or we can say its how your website will be discoverable by google and the other search engines, it focuses more on increasing the website presence on the first search engine result page. Which means the competition to possess the first place depends on how good your SEO, and how it fits with Google and the other search engins updates and algorithms.

But how to perfect the whole SEO process ?

This is not a 1,2,3 steps or tips, its more than you can imagine, SEO is not about writing content only, or drive paid traffic. There are different aspects in SEO that must be accomplished to produce a website that fits with the criteria needed for being on the first search engine results.

What are the different types of SEO ?

1- On-page SEO : This type is all about content writing, keyword pooling, meta tags, and to all other tags that's related to the content optimization.
2- Off-page SEO : This one works as the magnatic, its gathering the traffic from all around to the website, this includes : LInk building, backlink building.
3- RSEO : Real-time SEO, this one focuses more on the concurrent situations such as : Newspapers, magazines..etc. It focuses on the fast pace of creating content for trends on the real-time to help in possising a place on the first results.
4- TSEO : Technical Search engine optimization : this one focuses on the technical side of the website & the hosting, it implies : speed optimization, time blocking, domtree, LCP, FCP, Render blocking, sitemap, robots, crawling ... etc. This type usually plays the role of fitting the website with google updates to keep up to date and to help in gaining extrodnary ranking.
5- ASO : this one concentrate on Applications search optimization, to increase the appearance of your mobile application on the search results of google play and app store.
6- VSO : to take the advantage of using mobile voice assistence services such as : siri, cortana, google voice assistance, this one is Voice search optimization.