Google Updates
April 3, 2022

Page experience ranking update for desktop

Google has done rolling out for Page experience updates for desktop version

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Ibrahim Fathi
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Google Updates

Google Plans to bring the page experience ranking for the desktop version has been rolled out.

According to google's previous announcement about taking the page experience ranking on the desktop version as a signal for being ranked. Today google has shared more details regarding their timeline since the beginning of this update, after completing the page experience ranking updates roll out on mobile between June and August 2021.

Details about this update and how the page experience on desktop relates to mobile page experience ranking updates ?

Google has taken into consideration the desktop updates based on the same page experience signals that rolled out for mobile version earlier. The plans aim to help site owners to have good insights about how their desktop pages perform related to the page experience using google search console reports.

To understand what the new updates actually do, we need to understand how page experience affects ranking ?

According to google : While page experience is important, Google still seeks to rank pages with the best information overall, even if the page experience is subpar. Great page experience doesn't override having great page content. However, in cases where there are many pages that may be similar in relevance, page experience can be much more important for visibility in Search.

The following signals are important for delivering a good page experience in Google Search :

  • Core Web Vitals : To understand the page experience as per user by focusing on the aspects of loading, interactivity, and visual stability: LCP - FID - CLS .
  • HTTPS : The page is served over HTTPS.
  • Mobile-friendliness : The page is mobile-friendly. Check if your page is mobile-friendly with the Mobile-Friendly Test.

These signals were applied to the mobile version and now are applied to the desktop version too.


According to this update all site owners will have to meet the update requirements to achieve the ranking level needed for the best page experience. You can find different articles related to how to optimize for LCP, FID,CLS,HTTPSand how to make your website responsive and mobile friendly. Or you may leave a message to the Reparo team to optimize your website speed and Core web vitals